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wyalup rocky point


Just over 40mins from Busselton. 352 Ocean Drive, Bunbury. Just under an hour from Busselton. This place has great significance to the Noongar people being a burial ground for them. The word Wyalup means place of mourning. This basalt (volcanic) rock is over 130million years old and one of the only areas you can see it. I have read that this is evidence of continental drift (when Australia was connected to Gondwanaland / Antarctic. I am guessing low tide would be a good time to go have a look and sunset would be beautiful. There is a look out, bbq, picnic area, toilets, playground and information plaque. There is also a walk trail that leads to back beach.

dolphin discovery


Just over 40mins from Busselton. Koombana Drive, Bunbury. The Interpretive Center is open from 8am-3pm, 7 days. The interaction zone on the beach is free. From 8am-12pm volunteers are there full of heaps of knowledge. The dolphins appear often in the shallows. I have found early morning is best chance of interaction. The interpretive center is worth the visit. $23 Adults, $13 Kids.



40mins from Busselton. Lot 460 Koombana drive, Bunbury. This is a 5km circuit walk around Leschenalut Inlet. Takes about 90mins. Seemingly an unusual place to find white mangroves as predominantly found north of shark bay. There is an array of wildlife to see including if you are lucky dolphins and swans. I believe dogs are allowed. Bbq and toilets. The broadwalk itself is only 200m.

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