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I love exploring my own backyard. There are so many amazing places just around the corner. I have been living in the Southwest for about 8 years now and traveling to it it all my life. I am still finding more and more. I started Southwest Bucket List so I could gather information on places I wanted to see. Now I enjoy sharing my knowledge and love hearing about others experiences.



About 6 years ago I visited Quinninup Falls for the first time. I was in awe that I had been visiting the Southwest all my life and living in it for the past few years and never heard of or seen the falls before. It got me wondering how many other places I hadn't seen. It so happens that there are lots and I'm still finding new ones. I hope to encourage others to get out there and explore and share their experiences.


What's in a logo? Well after a long time planning, asking friends and family I decided on a logo. I wanted something that represented what Southwest Bucketlist is all about and I believe this concept does it perfectly. The bucket and the SW is explanatory enough but having the SW spilling out the bucket indicates that our bucket is so full we can't fit it all in

SW in water black.png
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